My interpretation of art is to look at objects that are vivid, colorful and lively, and strive to concentrate on beauty. Rather than taking photos I strive to paint, freely, that portion of the scenery or object that remain in my conscious. I exhibit my paintings to the public and galleries, and if it reflects that my artistic  efforts have transcended to the viewer, I believe this serves as a link to improvement my future work. A camera will take photos, but a photo is a photo and not a subject for painting. However, in art painting, the artist attempts to draw what they actually feel deep down in their heart, and also to observe the unsound portion as they feel it.

There is nothing more gratifying than to hear from a guest, “Your painting is beautiful! It is just gorgeous! It is very interesting indeed! It is said from ancient times that, “historically, the actual evaluator of art work is the general public.”

I am greatly honored when the general public visit my art work and makes an evaluation, whatever they may be. My ultimate objective and greatest honor as an artist would be if someone should tell me, “I would like to hang one of your paintings my living room!”

I will continue to paint to the best of my abijity so that I may, perhaps one day, fulfill my artistic ideology (biteki rinen).